Style Guide

The Python code and docstring format mostly follows Google's Python Style Guide, but the pre-commit config is the authoritative source for code format compliance.


  • Avoid imports in (reduces the likelihood of circular imports).
  • Prefer pure functions where possible.
  • Define all class attributes inside __init__ so all attributes are visible in one place. Attributes that are defined later can be set as None as a placeholder.
  • Prefer f-strings (f'name: {name}) over string format ('name: {}'.format(name)). Never use the % operator.
  • Prefer typing.NamedTuple over collections.namedtuple.
  • Exception messages should read as complete sentences with punctuation. Logging messages can forgo trailing punctuation.
    raise ValueError('Name must contain alphanumeric characters only.')'New connection opened to {address}')
  • Document all exceptions that may be raised by a function in the docstring.