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Common type definitions.

ConnectorT module-attribute

ConnectorT = TypeVar('ConnectorT', bound=Connector[Any])

Connector type variable.

ConnectorKeyT module-attribute

ConnectorKeyT = Tuple[Any, ...]

Connector key type alias.

SerializerT module-attribute

SerializerT = Callable[[Any], bytes]

Serializer type alias.

DeserializerT module-attribute

DeserializerT = Callable[[bytes], Any]

Deserializer type alias.


Bases: TypedDict

Store configuration dictionary.


Configuration dictionaries should not be constructed manually, but instead created via Store.config().


See the Store parameters for more information about each configuration option.


  • name (str) –

    Store name.

  • connector_type (str) –

    Fully qualified path to the Connector implementation.

  • connector_config (dict[str, Any]) –

    Config created by Connector.config() used to initialize a new connector instance with Connector.from_config().

  • serializer (NotRequired[SerializerT | None]) –

    Optional serializer.

  • deserializer (NotRequired[DeserializerT | None]) –

    Optional deserializer.

  • cache_size (NotRequired[int]) –

    Cache size.

  • metrics (NotRequired[bool]) –

    Enable recording operation metrics.

  • populate_target (NotRequired[bool]) –

    Set the default value for the populate_target parameter of proxy methods.

  • register (NotRequired[bool]) –

    Auto-register the store.