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Base Install

We always recommend installing packages inside of your virtual environment of choice. E.g.,

$ python -m venv venv
$ . venv/bin/activate

Once your virtual environment is activated, install ProxyStore with pip.

$ pip install proxystore

Extras Options

The base installation is designed to be as lightweight as possible, but ProxyStore provides many features with extra dependencies that can be installed with the appropriate extras option.

Install Purpose
pip install proxystore[all] Install all extras except dev and docs
pip install proxystore[endpoints] Use ProxyStore Endpoints
pip install proxystore[extensions] Install the proxystore-ex package
pip install proxystore[kafka] Use Kafka stream shims
pip install proxystore[redis] Use Redis stream shims or the RedisConnector
pip install proxystore[zmq] Use ZeroMQ stream shims
pip install proxystore[dev] Development dependencies
pip install proxystore[docs] Documentation dependencies

Multiple extras options can be install at the same time.

$ pip install proxystore[endpoints,redis]

Or everything can be installed at once (this does not install the development packages).

$ pip install proxystore[all]

ProxyStore Extensions

Additional features are available in the proxystore-ex package (repository and docs). Features in the extensions package tend to be more experimental or have heavier not pip-installable dependencies.

The extensions package can be installed alongside ProxyStore.

$ pip install proxystore[extensions]
Or standalone.
$ pip install proxystore-ex

Rather than importing from proxystore_ex directly, ProxyStore re-exports all packages and modules via the proxystore.ex submodule.